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Business Intelligence

CPC implements a variety of business intelligence strategies, www.geneva-intelligence.ch, based on the target objectives of individual clients. Depending on the challenges, we regularly implement high-level influencer surveys and broad range public opinion polls, assist with talent recruitment and selection, gather and sensitize confidential information, and execute competitive intelligence research.

Reputation Management

An old adage of public relations states that it takes years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. Like crisis communications, CPC works with clients to maintain a positive reputation in front of public audiences and where said reputation is in jeopardy, we work to first contain potential damage and then develop a comprehensive strategy to rebuild a brand, corporate or personal image by pushing forward positive, proactive messages with the right audiences.

Internal Communication

Often times, communicating within an organization is as important as what is communicated to the outside world. For this reason, CPC works with clients to ensure the messages are appropriately transmitted at the right levels. From the drafting of newsletters and annual reports, to working with CEO’s on speeches and public remarks, communicating complex corporate restructuring plans, and more, CPC helps companies large and small develop the best means to convey important information.

Public Affairs

Businesses are confronted by a political environment with more risks and growing regulations which threaten their development. CPC is an expert in these issues and accompanies its clients whole-heartedly to defend their interests with policy makers and the authorities at communal, cantonal, federal and European levels. In Public Affairs and lobbying, our main sectors of expertise are health, energy, transportation and urban planning.

Financial Communications

Since its founding, CPC has represented some of the world's leading international banks  and financial institutions. Thanks to its strategic location in Geneva, CPC is perfectly  positioned to manage the communications needs of the financial services industry. From  hedge funds and alternative investments to private banking, family offices and  commodities trading, CPC knows how to help clients within Switzerland and abroad  effectively communicate with a wide range of stakeholders including high net worth  individuals, investors, analysts, and the media.

International Communications

CPC has represented foreign governments, multinational companies, and a variety of international NGOs. Strategically located in Geneva, Switzerland, home to hundreds of international institutions, CPC is well positioned to represent clients with global challenges and boasts a diverse team of multi-lingual professionals. The office is also part of a global network of selected partners that work with us throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Asia.

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Crisis Communications

CPC is well accustomed to working in the fast-paced, highly adversarial world of crisis communications. Since its founding, we have defended numerous clients from reputational harm by advising them on appropriate communications strategies and tactics during a crisis. We also routinely coach clients to effectively communicate with both internal and external audiences and have served as their own official spokespeople.

Branding & Positioning

CPC has handled branding and positioning for a wide array of local, national, and international clients. Using a foundation of market research and business intelligence, we evaluate how target audiences perceive the brand, determine the best vehicles for message delivery, and follow up our strategy by actively monitoring the latest consumer reports and market trends.

Digital PR & New Media

CPC has a specialized branch of digital public relations, an essential tool in today's media-driven marketplace. We develop and implement new media strategies for clients to enhance their public relations campaigns. Specializing in social media, web 2.0 communication interfaces, real-time monitoring, and other tactics, we help complement traditional PR strategies with the enhanced digital tools that help foment a groundswell of support among public audiences.

Events Management

Whether it is planning a major press conference, organizing a forum or roundtable discussion, celebrating the launch of a new office building, or commemorating an important corporate milestone, CPC assists clients in all aspects of important event management. From logistical support to inviting VIPs, dignitaries, and members of the media, CPC works to create high-impact, memorable events that meet the client’s budget and objectives.

Media Training

From half-day prep-sessions to multi-day seminars, CPC has developed a unique and comprehensive training program for helping CEOs, public officials, corporate spokespeople, and others thrive in the intimidating setting of a media interview. Our coaching helps participants build the foundation for good public speaking while one-on-one exercises help them develop a key message track, prepare them for televised interviews, learn precise tactics for answering the most difficult questions, and strategies for getting your message through without losing composure.



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