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Strategic Counsel

CPC works with clients as collaborative partners to develop a tailored, personalised and winning strategy to overcome unique challenges and solve complex problems. No two issues are ever the same, which is why our communications strategies must be tailored to reflect the specific and individual needs of the client. In taking a results-oriented approach to our consulting services, we demonstrate real value to our clients and provide clear benchmarks for success.

Corporate Communications & Media Relations

Building a good reputation comes through disciplined communications practices. Whether it is communicating with customers, shareholders, employees, government officials or other stakeholders, CPC helps clients develop the right messages and the most targeted, effective means of implementing them.  Our trusted network of journalists allows us to do more than simply place stories, but shape them.  And in today’s continuous media cycle, CPC works to maintain the reputation of our clients should a crisis break, advising on proactive strategies, serving as official spokespeople, and leading comprehensive training seminars before communications take place

Public Affairs & Lobbying

Several external factors influence today's public policy. From Washington to Brussels, Geneva to Berne, CPC works with high-level officials, opinion leaders, and strategic partners to address critical issues on everything from taxation and banking reform to regulatory and referendum approval. We approach issue advocacy by helping clients build a broad base of public support, educating key audiences, and leveraging media resources where appropriate.

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Member of PRGN, LEADING SWISS AGENCIES, ONU authorized supplier, Certified Consultancy Management Standard CMS III


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